Time for a service!

Cleaning air conditioner filters

After one of the warmest summers on record, your AC has probably had a hard time recently making sure you and your home or office has kept beautifully cool! If this is the case, now is the time to start thinking about preventative maintenance.

All AC units draw in air from the room. The air is then heated or cooled in the indoor unit before being released at the desired temperature back into the room. The air is pushed through a number of filters to purify and treat the air to ensure it is clean. Overtime these filters get blocked which will result in a drop in performance and an increase in energy use. If the unit doesn’t work at it’s most efficient this adds additional load onto component parts which can result in cost repair bills or a full system replacement.

We recommend preventative maintenance to stop unexpected problems. If your unit is under 5 years old, it also validates your Daikin parts warranty ensuring that you won’t have the extra cost of new parts should something go wrong.

We’ve experienced our busiest summer ever, and from experience, a warm summer means a busy winter for repairs because of non-maintained systems. Don’t let this happen to you by booking in your annual maintenance inspection now. Just drop our service team an email, service@cooltechairconditioning.com, and we’ll call you back to book you in.


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